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Management Services

Working with the professional and experienced property management team at Bella Asset Management gives you peace of mind that your property is in capable hands. We have significant experience in the DFW rental market and price your property appropriately to bring in qualified, reliable renters.

We provide a turnkey solution for working with your renters, beginning with scheduling and conducting tours of your property. Once renters move in, we provide all needed services, including payments and collections, maintenance and handling any concerns that may arise. We always keep you apprised of the status of your property with regular reports.

You’ve made a good investment by purchasing property. Working with Bella Asset Management for comprehensive management services turns that good investment into a great one. To learn more about our services for property owners, please contact us. We look forward to learning more about your needs and how we can serve you.

Property Evaluation:

  • Run market comp reports using state of the art technology and in person tours and shops to ensure your property is at an optimal rental rate and understands the overall market competition.
  • Recommendations on curb appeal, repairs, preventive maintenance and overall improvements that will maximize monthly revenue through increased rents and lower operating expenses improving overall NOI.
  • Detailed Site Plan will be put together to show major utilities and preventative maintenance items.
  • Assess current maintenance procedures and stocked items to find future efficiencies.


  • Each unit will follow a set checklist of procedures to prepare it for market and future move ins. This includes all turns items and repairs using our proprietary team of vendors and in house maintenance teams. We negotiate the best pricing possible using our purchasing power as a larger property management company.
  • Custom advertising that fits the budget and need of your property. This can be anything from social media, to a complex advertising campaign. Our overall goal is to keep expenses low or on budget while maximizing rental rates and occupancy.
  • Your property will be listed on two of our proprietary websites that have a high success rate of generating leads.
  • A Facebook page and online website is created for all properties over 12 units.
  • Print publications, print ads, MLS, fliers and signs are also used to market properties as needed.
  • Marketing through our extensive network is used to help fill vacancies quickly, especially in lease up situations.
  • Professional leasing consultants and property managers that work full time will fill vacancies quickly. We also focus on resident retention that will lower overall marketing and operational expenses greatly improving NOI. Our rents are above market rate and our turnover is below market average using our proprietary management procedures.
  • Professional photographs of model including property amenities and exteriors. These photographs will put the marketing of the property ahead of the competition by having quality images.

List of Services:

We are a full service management company, so this is sampling of what we can do, but really we can handle all aspects of management for the owner.

  • Draw up Leasing Agreements (these can be customized to fit your specific property).
  • Screening of Applicants – This follows strict fair housing guidelines, but also can be custom to your particular property. This also includes handling all denials or acceptance that follows Fair Housing and other Federal and State requirements.
  • Ensure that all documents, including specific addendums are executed and communicated correctly. They will also be stored physically and electronically for future reference.
  • Rental collection enforcement of late fees and evictions are handled correctly and promptly using our proprietary systems and team members. We also offer collection services and housing court representation if needed. We have a high success rate of rent payment collection paid on time by offering state of the art payment options including online payments, team member training and other payment methods specific to each property.
  • Annual distribution and submission of Certified Rent Payment CRPS
  • 1099’s and other tax, legal paperwork preparation
  • Can provide insurance quotes and lower rates through our network of sources
  • Banking and mortgage recommendations through our extensive network.
  • Strong enforcement of the “Crime Free Drug Free” addendum in all cities we operate in. We encourage anyone to ask any city or police department about our success rate in keeping our properties crime free.
  • Full service accounting including monthly reports such as rent roll, operating statement, balance sheet and other reports upon request.
  • Payments can be made on behalf of the owner; this includes but is not limited to: Mortgage payments, Insurance, HOA dues and all other monthly payables that are predefined in the contract.


  • 24 Hour emergency maintenance line and support
  • Onsite supervised maintenance team that is fully trained and licensed in the area of their expertise. Highly professional in uniform with a focus on customer services and leaving each jobsite better than they left it. Our team is very proficient, friendly and known for their professions
  • Complete management as general contractor of outsourced labor and renovation services. We transform properties using our system of maximizing property value through affordable renovations that drive rents and lower overall operating expenses.
  • Curb Appeal – We ensure properties are well manicured and looking their best while keeping cost down. With all our services we get at least 3 bids on any ongoing property expense and negotiate the best rates using our overall purchasing power as a larger property management company.
  • We use a proprietary preventative maintenance schedule specific to each property that helps drastically lower mechanical, utility and overall maintenance expenses using just in time supply and periodic system checks, leak detection and other monitoring to limit unexpected repairs and supply runs.
  • Utility expense reduction plans that can help lower water and electric expenses up to 20-30% annually. We work with local municipalities and understand rebates and other programs nationally and locally that can drastically reduce expenses in this area.
  • Provide cost estimates, multiple bids and overall management of large projects.
  • Vendor contracts to ensure jobs our done quickly, correctly and cleaning at fair of better value.

We offer many other services as needed, but below are a few of the areas we can be of assistance.

Other Services Available:

  • Brokerage services – Buying assistance for listed and unlisted properties
  • Consulting Services – From operating efficiencies to marketing and lease ups we can offer assistance on a per hour or project basis.
  • Photography – We have a professional photographer with specialized equipment and 14 years of experience.